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What is Store-A-Tooth™

Store-A-Tooth™ is a service that allows patients to store the stem cells associated with these teeth – instead of discarding these tissues.

Healthy deciduous teeth or adult teeth that are exfoliating or are being extracted contain stem cells and therefore are excellent candidates.

Our mission is to provide access to care for patients who wish to store these tissues.

How it Works

Providing Store-A-Tooth™ is simple. We provide your practice with materials and support you need for patient education and to deliver the highest quality dental stem cell service available today.

On the day of the procedure, place the removed teeth into our FDA-approved and ADA-accepted device. This goes into a Tooth Transport Kit and is transported overnight to our laboratory where the cells are collected and stored.

There is minimal impact to your normal workflow.

Providing Store-A-Tooth™ can also allow you to generate incremental revenues for your practice.

Becoming a Store-A-Tooth™ provider is simple and now FREE!

The Benefits →

Biobanking Accreditations
Biobanking Accreditations
Biobanking Accreditations